Global Health Service Corps

The Peace Corps

The Peace Corps was founded in 1961 by President Kennedy to challenge our nation to look beyond our borders and to serve our country by serving the people of other nations. Fifty years later, we are reminded of the power of service and how we can best invest in development, public diplomacy and our global community.

Peace Corps Response is a program within the Peace Corps that has specialized short-term, high-impact assignments ranging in length from three to twelve months. Volunteers arrive in the field with the language, technical and cross-cultural skills identified by our host country partners. Peace Corps Response grew out of an effort established in 1996 at a White House ceremony by President Clinton. The President announced the establishment of Crisis Corps, a program designed to quickly mobilize Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and provide short-term disaster relief and humanitarian aid to countries in need. The name changed to Peace Corps Response in 2007 to reflect the program’s expansion into programmatic areas beyond disaster relief.

In 2012, Peace Corps Response opened the program to qualified individuals who have not previously served as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Today, Peace Corps Response Volunteers bring their technical skills and professional experience to the identified programming needs of host countries.

Global Health Service Partnership Volunteers will be part of Peace Corps Response.

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