Global Health Service Corps

Nursing Trainer/Educator Job Description

Nurse Trainer and Educator

Location: Sub-Saharan Africa 
Program Area: Health Care
Partner: Global Health Service Corps
Projected Start Date: Deployments Summer 2013
Duration: One year


Global Health Service Partnership Peace Corps Volunteers (GHSP PCVs) are needed to serve as nursing trainers and educators at institutions and affiliated health  facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa. The goal of this initiative is to address the critical shortage of nurses and midwives by working in close collaboration with the Ministries of Health, Ministries of Education and identified educational/health institutions to increase capacity and strengthen the  quality and sustainability of nursing/midwifery education and clinical practice. Potential specialty areas include: general adult care, critical care, trauma, infectious and NCD, chronic  care management, pediatrics, mental health, public/community health, midwifery, pre-natal care, family planning, emergency obstetrical care and PMTC HIV, palliative care, and nursing leadership and management.

GHSP PCVs will work closely with faculty, nurse leaders and members of the institutional professional development team in the creation of curricula and appropriate clinical modules, as well as assist in the establishment of course and clinical goals and outcomes, and methods to evaluate programs effectively. GHSP PCVs will serve as a resource for faculty and students, and will provide lectures and in-services, advice on evidence-based nursing practice, as well as access to the latest research in specialty areas. GHSP PCVs will model the role of preceptor and mentor for nursing and midwifery students in their area of expertise. Nursing GHSP PCVs will work closely with physician mentors to foster a model of integrated education and practice among medical, nursing and midwifery students. If appropriate, GHSP PCVs will work with national nursing organizations to assist in the establishment of policies that support the enhanced role of the nurse. When applicable, GHSP PCVs may be asked to assist in the creation of nursing protocols that are consistent and relevant to the clinical setting.


Qualifications Mandatory:

*Note: Applicants will be required to meet licensing criteria and obtain appropriate clinical licenses in the host country.