Global Health Service Corps

GHSP Peace Corps Volunteers

Participants in the program will be Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV) in the Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP). Volunteers will work in priority medical and nursing education systems in partner countries. In coordination with host country faculty, GHSP PCV will primarily function as academic medical or nursing educators. They will also participate in direct medical care as appropriate to effective education and mentorship.

The Peace Corps and the Global Health Service Corps will work in close collaboration with the Ministries of Health, Ministries of Education and identified educational/health institutions to increase capacity and strengthen the quality and sustainability of medical, nursing, and midwifery education and clinical practice.

Potential specialty areas include:

Physician and Nursing GHSP PCVs will be responsible for:

All volunteers will serve as a resource for faculty and students, and will provide lectures and in-services, advice on evidence-based medical and nursing practice, as well as access to the latest research in specialty areas.

The Peace Corps requires that all volunteers are US citizens.

Position and Requirements

Nurse Trainer and Educator

Physician Trainer and Educator