Global Health Service Corps

What We Do

The GHSC will join the Peace Corps (PC) in the Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP).  This public-private partnership will invest in local capacity and human capital for better health care in less developed nations.  The Peace Corps has a rich, 50 year history of deploying Americans in service as volunteers although none currently formally practice medicine or deliver health care. Drawing on its familiarity with medical and nursing education (and eventually other health professions) as well as knowledge of clinical education in developing countries, the Global Health Service Corps (GHSC) will support the Peace Corps and the joint GHSP in activities such as site selection, applicant recruitment and screening, orientation and training, field support, and monitoring and evaluation.

Site selection

The GHSC will assist the PC in the site selection for deployment. The GHSC possesses the experience and knowledge to identify core components of a site that will allow the GHSP PC volunteers (GHSP PCVs) be able to carry our their jobs effectively and to meet local expectations.

Recruitment and Screening

The GHSC will contribute its technical expertise and connections with nursing and medical schools and health professional associations for recruitment and screening of volunteers. The GHSC has staff familiar with the medical and nursing fields who can help identify the best applicants for the positions.

Orientation and Training

To prepare the new volunteers best for their year of service, the GHSC will specifically provide training on the practice of medicine under conditions of resource scarcity, and will familiarize volunteers on local burdens of disease that may be quite different from those in the US.

Field Support

Once in the field, the GHSP PCV will need support, mentorship and supervision to help meet their ongoing clinical education expectations and obligations. The GHSC will help provide the clinical mentorship and resources to support these individuals in the field. Resources may include electronic access to journals, up-to-date data and other clinical resources. Additionally, GHSC will provide volunteers with access to an experienced panel of clinicians and educators to assist with issues/challenges in the field.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The GHSP will be a novel program for capacity building in medical education. The program will need monitoring and evaluation at a number of levels. The GHSC will assist in developing robust qualitative and quantitative measures and indicators to assess the merits of the program. Lessons learned will inform successive iterations of the GHSP.

Loan Repayment

GHSC aims to provide loan repayment to eligible individuals. The goal of this support is to encourage service by the best-qualified individuals, including those who may have financial constraints to service. The GHSC intends to provide $30,000 stipends (This amount is subject to change) to individuals with documented educational loans to assist with loan repayment..