Global Health Service Corps

About Us

The Global Health Service Corps is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to ally health professionals as medical and nursing educators in resource-poor settings while providing needed expert technical support to these clinician educators during their periods of service. Volunteers also provide direct medical care, strengthening the mission of education and mentorship. Our greater goal is to help provide a sustainable solution addressing the vast shortages of health professionals in many parts of the world. 

Global Health Service Corps believes health is central to reducing poverty and to ensuring communities thrive, and equally, we must be a part of a much needed solution with our partners for sustainable, stronger health systems. Developing health systems and access to health is critical to the strength and wellbeing of communities and individuals to thrive together.

In order to achieve our mission, GHSC has been fortunate to partner with the Peace Corps to create a unique public-private partnership, the Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP).